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    Sunday, February 3, 2008

    Florida Pt.4

    Back in Florida, we went to Disney's Animal Kingdom. It was awesome. It was kind of like a zoo, but more in your face. You're allowed to walk on these nature trails, where you'll see the animals in their habitat. Most of the animals are enclosed, but there was a section of the trail where they kept the exotic birds. The birds were not in cages. They were allowed to roam about. It felt like we were on a safari bird hunt, because you actually had to stand there quietly and look around you to see if you could spot a bird--in the bush next to you, under the bench, bathing in the pond...the birds would even fly right past your face!

    I saw this sign while making my way towards the "Himalaya" section of the park. I thought it was interesting.
    This is my little brother peeking out across a waterway with his Goofy hat. He bought like 3 hats during the whole trip. So silly....
    Is this cool, or what?! It's an Indian roach coach! I love it!
    I just had to get a photo of this cute chinese take-out purse. I was gonna buy it, but not for $18! Holding the mirror, in the corner, is my brother trying to blind me...
    Finally, we see the Himalayan mountain we've been searching for. It's actually an awesome roller coaster.

    And look, here goes Disney adding to the experience again. This sign, posted on a pole, warns us of the Yeti before we even get to the actual line. Anticipation!!!

    My reasons for taking this photo: Notice where the sign says, "...through dark, winding tunnels.." That warning was made especially for my sister-in-law, who had dispayed some kind of phobia to a similar situation on another ride earlier.

    ..And upon pointing that out to her, this was her reaction:

    ...But she ended up making it through without having a panic attack. Yay!! She really showed those fears who's BOSS!!

    That's enough for now. More to come!

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