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    Monday, February 11, 2008

    Florida Pt.6

    This is just hilarious to me! Those goofy, neon dreads overlooking the monkey habitat. And the little one, just barely able to peek over the top of the bar.

    The little boy in this scene caught my attention when he quietly said,"Excuse me sir. Would you trade with me?" I had to swing around and see who the heck was being so polite with such a little voice. Turns out the boy was asking the man to trade collectable Disney pins. I guess you purchase various pins and stick them on one of those necklace thing-ees. Then, as you go around the park, you can trade people for pins you want.

    Now, here we are at the gorilla habitat. Let me tell you: the stench was unbelieveable! It smelled like major B.O. I thought the smell was coming from some kind of plant life that surrounded the area, but no, I was mistaken. I had no idea that gorillas smelled like big musky men. I wonder if they were producing the musk because there were so many people around. Anyways, look at this guy just looking at me. We were soo close to them, it was a little uncomfortable.
    They had these white towels thrown all around (as seen here). One of the gorillas picked up a towel and threw it over his head and walked away! It was pretty funny. What personality! This is my brother guarding his nose from the musky smell with the ears of his Goofy hat. If you look hard enough, you can see a gorilla booty to the left of him.
    What in the world are those things hanging down from the tree??!! They look like yams. They look dangerous...and look, I spy another neon dread boy....

    Here's a close up of one of those things in the tree. It actually looks kinda funny. I should have pulled one down and cracked it open....
    We went on an african safari ride. This was the main reason why I wanted to go to Animal Kingdom! Here we are loading up on our vehicle. It's not on a powered track, we actually have a live guide who drives us around! Yipeeeee!
    I spot something in the bushes! But he's too far away to really get a pix of him.
    We went across a rickety bridge, and to the left of us were the basking crocodiles.

    Isn't this beautiful? It actually looks like Africa! And it's crazy how the animals roamed around without a fence in site. I couldn't believe how much land was dedicated to this exhibit. If you look closely, you can see the other safari truck across the way. This was one cool ride, but very bumpy. We even had a run-in with some poachers who shot at us (fake of course). The bullets shot off of the rocks and made splashes in the water around us! It was sooo cool. The over-an-hour wait was definately worth it.

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