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    Wednesday, July 23, 2008

    Philip & Monica

    I photographed Philip and Monica, a beautiful couple who had their wedding in Salinas, CA. It was a great break from the Sacramento heat. The wedding was held at a family member's home. Surrounded by their closest family and friends, I couldn't help but feel the intimacy, warmth, and loving atmosphere throughout the home. One thing remains true about smaller weddings--the food is always delicious! No dry baked chicken, wild rice, and unsalted green beans here!

    Okay, it has to be said. And I'm sure they've heard it a million times: "My what fabulous eyes you have there!"

    Photo #1

    This image was nabbed right as the new married couple began walking back up the aisle.

    Photo #2

    Monica has the most radiant smile!

    Photo #3

    I call this photo "The Lady in Waiting". She's actually waiting for her first dance to begin with her new husband, who's still sitting in a nearby chair. This is actually one of my favorites of the day.

    Photo #4

    And the first dance has begun...

    Photo #5
    As soon as I stepped outside the backdoor, I was instantly attracted to the water. It just looked so refreshing and beautiful. I finally found out what was in it: rosemary (I think?), mint leaves, lemons, and cucumbers. I've never seen such a thing. What a fabulous idea--and perfect for an outdoor summer wedding! I just had to taste it! It was just as expected: cool, light, refreshing, and with a hint of cucumber, lemon, and very light mint.

    They utilized their narrow backyard space very well--if I do say so myself. This long, beautifully dressed table seated all the guests.

    And this photo begins a series of unfortunate events....but I have to admit, they were funny events. Don't be mad at me for chuckling, Phil!

    "This is the way we put in the chocolate, put in the chocolate, put in the chocolate. This is the way we put in the chocolate, So we can make a foun-tainnn!"

    Yes folks, this is the makings of a chocolate fountain...and those plump, red beauties in the corner are the soon-to-be-privileged, chocolate-dipped strawberries. Oh and we can't overlook our lovely lady subject here who is trying to showcase her diamond ring. LOL! Diane, you so crazy!

    After the chocolate was melted and the machine was turned on, things definitely got out of control. The whole fountain began jumping, buzzing, and spewing chocolate all over the place. The girl in white fell victim to the fountain's rage. Yep...she had chocolate on her nice white dress.
    As you can imagine, people were screaming and shouting "Turn it off!" But no one was brave enough to reach in and grab it. Here's a little more out of control action...

    ...And then the whole fountain just jumped off the counter.

    ...And the aftermath clean-up. Needless to say, there was no chocolate dipped strawberries being served at this wedding. And poor Phil had to go home with a broken fountain.

    Oh well, let's get this party started!

    Be sure to vote for your favorite photo so that Monica and Philip can receive their free 8x10 print. Choose from photos 1 through 5 above. Only 15 votes needed to win! Leave your vote by clicking on the "comments" link below this post.


    Anonymous said...

    i vote for number 1.

    Anonymous said...

    #3 is so nice. Congrats!!!

    Anonymous said...

    #1- so beautiful!

    Anonymous said...

    I vote for #1, it is very soft and beautiful.

    Anonymous said...

    #1 was my vote and my favorite one.

    Anonymous said...

    congrats number 1 gets my vote

    mumecharles said...

    #1 is the Winner!
    Monica Dad

    Anonymous said...

    feel likes number 3

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    moni likes #1

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    NUMBER8WAS THE BEST.IT HAS MY VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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