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    Saturday, July 19, 2008

    (Sacramento) Pin-up Photography: Oops we did it again!

    ...and so did Image Provocateur salon (Go Nina!--beautiful job on the hair & makeup!). This gorgeous beauty is an old friend of mine from high school. It's not too often that I get to see my good friends "glamd-up" and seductified. She joked that she felt a little uneasy about me seeing her in her "seducers". Hil-ar-i-ous!! Seducers--I gotta use that more often.

    Be sure to vote for your favorite image so that Tanisha can receive her free 8x10 print! The winning image only needs 15 votes. Post your vote by clicking on the "Comments" link at the bottom of this entry.

    Photo #1
    This is our Dark Vixen set with the red chaise lounge (aka "Queen Ruby"). This is one of my favorites out of the bunch. Tanisha's glowing skin looks gorgeous.
    Photo #2

    This photo features our "Femme Fatale" outfit. Me loves how it looks straight out of the Film Noir era. You can't tell in these photos, but Tanisha's wearing some spicy hot electric blue pumps to die for.

    Photo #3

    ...a little more harsh and gritty. All I gotta say is it's all in the eyes...and those fishnets! Photo #4

    You know we had to use the Vintage Glam Wallpaper set. Ahh Tanisha, you look soo pretty. :)
    Fabulous job girl!!


    Anonymous said...

    Photo #4 is the one.

    Anonymous said...

    I really like #3!

    Anonymous said...

    Photo #1 is awesome!!

    jd said...

    It's #3

    Anonymous said...

    #2 Gangsta....Gangsta...
    Very Nice!!!!

    lynn said...

    #3! it's like sexy boss lady!!

    ann said...

    #2 is really mysterious.

    Dolly Dahl said...

    Great set! I love love love the wallpaper!

    Anonymous said...

    I actually am torn between 1 & 4!

    Anonymous said...

    It's #4 all the way!

    Anonymous said...

    #1 is my favorite!

    Jan said...

    It's hard, but I'm going with the #3.

    Anonymous said...

    check you out girl. #4 is hot!

    Anonymous said...

    It was hard, but #4.