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    Friday, August 1, 2008

    The Day My Hair Turned to Ash...

    ...it crumbled between my fingers, and I got teary-eyed.

    Let's start at the beginning. I needed a new flat-iron for my hair. So, I went to Salley's Beauty Supply and asked the saleswoman for her suggestions on the latest products. I decided to go with the new "Titanium" flat-iron. I thought, "Wowweee, titanium. Now this must have some top-of-the-line straightening power!" Boy was I wrong.

    I excitedly turned that sucker on and waited a few seconds for it to heat up. Mind you, I had only set the heat dial on "medium". I grabbed a small back section of my hair, and ran the flat-iron down my frizzy mane. Hmmm, nothing.

    In fact, the so-called floating plates (with no gap) actually had a gap, and the iron wasn't even grasping onto my hair. (see, the box even advertises the "no gap"):
    So, seeing that my hair wasn't straightened at all, I ran the iron down the same section again. And that's when I noticed the sticky, black tar looking substance plastered on my new flat-iron. After a brief inspection, followed by the familiar smell of burnt hair, I figured out that my hair had actually melted onto the iron plates. I panicked. I ran my fingers through what was left of my hair section, and the strands of hair just crumbled in my hands like ash. I stood there in disbelief.

    After about 30 minutes, and a few phone calls to friends, I calmed myself down by looking on the bright side: At least it was only the back portion of my hair, and it can easily be hidden. But man, every time I look at my little nub hair patch, I get a brief irritated twinge.

    By the way, I've been flat-ironing my hair since high school, and I've gone through my share of flat-irons, but I have never burned my hair off before.

    I unplugged that little devil right away, and once it cooled down, I tried to scrape off my melted hair. Not too successful. I stuffed the iron back into its box and took it right back to Salley's Beauty Supply. I ended up just buying the same good-old, familiar flat-iron model I had before.

    So ladies, take this as a warning: Don't try the Titanium Tools! They get waaay to hot! And the plates are deceiving because you don't think they're touching your hair, but in reality, they're frying your hair to a crisp!


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