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    Friday, September 19, 2008

    Last Chance for Retro Swimsuits!

    I just received this notification from Pinup Girl Clothing: Fabulous retro swimsuits are back in stock, and this is the last chance that they will be available till 2009. So stock up gals!

    Hmm, I may consider adding this one to our Pin-up outfit selections.....

    Thursday, September 18, 2008

    Me Likey: Tarina Tarantino

    I was watching America's Next Top Model (yup,yup!), and one of the challenges involved the girls posing with accessories from featured designer, Tarina Tarantino. All I have to say is: Chunky Pink Pricey Plastic Heaven! Her style is delicious! You've gotta check out her website. I posted a few of my favs here...

    I love the new colorful spin on the old cameo style necklaces...

    This Hello Kitty locket is just scrumpdiddlyumptious!! Tarantino actually calls the Hello Kitty featured in her designs, "Pink Head." I do believe she models her Hello Kitty after herself, because, if you didn't know already, Tarantino has outrageous neon pink hair!

    This darling clutch was featured on Top Model. You may not be able to tell from the photo, but this purse can fit in the palm of your hand...yes it's that cute!

    I love these chunky pearls! Check out this image to really get an idea of how chunky these pearls really are!


    Monday, September 15, 2008

    Sai and Neil's Wedding

    I know you've been waiting, so here they are: More photo fun from Sai and Neil's wedding! This is probably going to be one of our hugest blog entries yet.

    The Lovely Couple...
    Photo #1

    The Rings. They're having a little fun at an after party of their own....
    I call this one "Stealing a Moment". The idea was to have it seem that they were in a forest-like place and the bride and groom slipped away for a little privacy while the rest of the party chit-chatted amongst themselves, unaware that the 2 love-birds were even missing.

    It just so happened that the party was so busy chit-chatting in real life that they didn't even notice they were part of the photo "background" and were surprised when we called them over to our next photo location. :)

    Photo #2
    Here's a fun one. So fun that I had to throw 2 of these images in. This is the pose that was meant to be captured, molded in plastic, and placed onto the top of the wedding cake.

    Photo #3

    I crack up every time I see this one!! Notice the technique. Ladies, if you really want to catch him, be sure to grab both ankles!

    Photo #4

    The Gals...

    Photo #5

    This is what it looks like when a Bride has had enough:

    (Actually, the girls were trying to figure out how to do the Charlie's Angels gun pose just right.)

    Photo #6

    A little Charlie's Angels action for ya!

    Photo #7

    A special request...

    Photo #8

    The girls had to tie the Bride's bussels up before they were introduced into the Reception hall. Notice the serious concentration and concern...

    Photo #9

    Almost done...but wait! Pose for the camera!

    Photo #10

    On our way to the Reception hall, the girls strut their stuff...

    Photo #11

    ...Then the groom thought he saw a spider...

    Photo #12

    I love this! Their natural reactions are so cute!

    Photo #13

    Da Plane! Da Plane! (This photo was captured by my lovely assistant, Cara.)
    Photo #14

    There's always a "cheeser" among us...

    Photo #15

    Hmm, I must say: The stunner shades work for me. (Photographed by Cara.)

    Photo #16

    Uh, oh! It's me in action!

    I love this one too! (Photographed by Cara.)

    Photo #17

    Here comes the bride being escorted by her father...beautiful!

    Photo #18

    A gorgeous photo of the flower girl, captured by Cara. By the way, the flower arrangements and decorations were all done by the wedding party. What amazing talent!

    Photo #19

    This is part of the madness that happens a couple hours before the ceremony. Ladies, don't forget to iron your dresses before you put them on!

    The bride getting "veiled"...
    And we mustn't forget the makeup shots...
    Photo #20
    This is what happens when you try to take photos of the groomsmen getting ready. Of course, they only needed "10 minutes to get dressed, so what's the rush?"
    "The Pinning"
    Photo #21

    Be sure to vote for your favorite photo so that Sai and Neil can receive their free 8x10 print. The winning photo needs only 15 votes! Post your vote by clicking on the "Comments" link below.

    Friday, September 5, 2008

    Partaaay! It's Reception Time!

    Like I mentioned before, last Saturday's wedding was awesome! There were a ton of guests and they were packed full of let's-get-this-party-started-jitters (and liquor!). Hands down: Neil and Sai threw the funnest, most crackin' wedding ever!

    While sifting through the images, I found these hilarious gems...enjoy these little tid-bits! Some of you guys are gonna hate me for this. :)

    Needless to say, some of the guests got a little "bent". The wall became this poor guy's best friend.

    The Groom shook his tail-feathers during the money dance.

    How could I not post a photo of the Pimped Out Pink!
    Does anything really need to be said? (actually this photo is one of my favorites.)

    Towards the end, the guys started doing strip teases and lap dances! Watch out now!!

    Boys will be boys...

    Some things were just a little too much for young eyes...
    Get low...low...low...

    More to come soon!

    Now it's...Chicago.

    Right now, I'm editing photos from an outrageous, wild wedding from last Saturday. (Stay tuned folks, those photos will be posted soon.) We had soo much fun. I've been soo exhausted this week trying to recover from the wedding. Does anybody else feel that labor day weekend makes the following weekdays feel so draining?

    But you know me--I've popped in a DVD in the background so that I can be entertained while I edit photos. I'm going through a musical phase right now, so tonight it's: Chicago!

    And all that Jazz!!!