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    Tuesday, October 28, 2008

    Introducing Pin-up Girl: "Cookie Cupcakes"

    Who can resist our new Pin-up girl, Cookie Cupcakes? Isn't she scrumdiddlyumptiously delicious?!! Wow--you wouldn't believe the fun we had during this session.

    Cookie Cupcakes aka Cerina, is working on becoming a professional Pin-up model. She's doing very well at it, if you ask my opinion.

    What makes this session particularly special is that Cerina brought all her own props and outfits....including the cute round red little carpet in Photo #4 (she's so prepared!). I totally had to ask her where she purchased some of her great props.

    I got a kick out of Cerina's thorough note-taking. She had every scene planned out: the props, outfit, pose, etc. She even had practice photos on her personal digital camera that she took the day before so that she would know beforehand what she ultimately wanted to portray. I love it! I thought it was so funny, but yet very familiar because I do the exact same thing with all my shoots. I totally plan out everything to the max! It's nice to know there's others out there as anal as I.

    Photo #1--A little makeup touch-up while waiting for the next train...

    Photo #2--An ice cream sellin' cutie! I adore her choice in outfits!

    Photo #3--I really like this one. You may not be able to tell in this particular shot, but she "accidentally" clothes-pinned her dress to the line.

    Photo #4--The Confused Cook! I love the burnt pie!!! I posted this in a previous entry, but I had to add it in here so that it gets a chance to win in the 8x10 contest.

    Photo #5--The beautiful Senorita presents her pastries....

    Once the shoot was over, Cerina gave me her pastry props....and I ate them! Delicious! The best thing about being a photographer: Eating the props at the end of the shoots! ...Well not all the props. Most food props are quite scary by the end of the shoot, and I would never recommend eating them!

    Be sure to vote for your favorite photo so that Cerina can receive her free 8x10 print. The winning photo needs only 15 votes! Post your vote by clicking on the "Comments" link below.

    **Great News!**
    Since Cerina's shoot, we are in the process of adding more fabulous solid-color background sets for our Pin-up Sessions. So, if you're interested in doing a more traditional Pin-up shoot, we will have more bright solid background options for you! Yipeeeeee!

    Wednesday, October 22, 2008

    Sneek Peek: Pin-up Girl, "Cookie Cupcakes"

    I was so excited, I just had to give you guys a sneek peek of a recent Pin-up & Boudoir Session we did with pin-up model, "Cookie Cupcakes". This is one of my absolute favorites from the session. Isn't it scrumptious!?

    More photos from this session in a bit!

    Tuesday, October 21, 2008

    Ever Wonder How a Bride Takes a Tinkle?

    Tee. Hee.

    This is just a little sneek peek of the fun we had at Cara and Andy's wedding in Tahoe. More photos later...

    Wednesday, October 15, 2008

    This Kitty's on the Prrrowl!

    You gotta love the sizzlin' hot "Kitten Prowl" set....especially with Keri struttin' her stuff on it!

    Her wedding is next month, and these photos are going to be for her brand-spankin' new husband. Somebody get him an ice-pack for his poor little eyes cuz they're gonna need some cooling off once he sees these!

    Photo #1

    I loved so many of these shots, I had to put a few of them in a series. Watch out now!--Some of Miss Keri's shots were too hot for this blog! :)

    Photo #2

    The young, beautiful, island girl is waiting desperately to hear the whisper of her true love before she is married off to the suitor her vicious parents have chosen for her. Little does she know, the man she waits for is only an hour away in the next city over. He too, with the rage fueled from the fire burning in his heart, yearns for his young beauty. But he is one that doesn't like to sit around. Instead, he is in his cherry-red convertible, pushing 105 mph, making his way to save his one and only true love.....To Be Continued.

    Next week, tune in for the unforgettable story of star-crossed lovers who accidentally meet their demise while taking the bus to a nearby McDonalds restaurant.

    Okay, Okay. Sometimes I get a little carried away. ;)

    Photo #3

    Be sure to vote for your favorite photo so that Keri can receive her free 8x10 print. The winning photo needs only 15 votes! Post your vote by clicking on the "Comments" link below.

    Tuesday, October 14, 2008

    Only a few more sessions available!

    Important Announcement:

    It's getting close to the end of the year, and sessions are booking up fast. If you are interested in booking us for your family portrait, Pin-up & Boudoir, or any other session, we suggest doing so as soon as possible to ensure that we can accommodate you. Plus, we want to be sure that your products and other goodies will be completed before the X-mas deadline!!

    Monday, October 13, 2008

    Age is Nothing but a Number

    I would say that Michele is a special heart-warming case. She came in with major self-esteem issues that she's been working out for awhile now. I'm so glad she decided to come in for a shoot because it turned out to be a great step in her self-esteem building goal. I feel honored to be given a part in such an important, life-changing process.

    I have to tell you what really touched me:
    Immediately after Nina completed Michele's hair and makeup, we all went to the mirror to check out the results. Michele's reaction was just..."Wow". And then she got kinda quiet. Even though she looked gorgeous, I was a little worried that her silence meant she didn't like her glamified-look, but that wasn't the case at all. She fell silent only to try to hold back her tears. Can you believe she said: "I didn't think I could look this beautiful." Can you believe that!!! I'll never forget that moment....

    Michele actually explains everything better herself:

    "WOW!! I wanted to build my self-confidence and self-esteem after a major weight lost (53 pounds). Who would of thought that at my age I'd be doing this!! HAHA Age is just a number anyways believe it or not I am 39.

    I couldn't of picked a better group of ladies to take this major step with me. It was like being with "the girls" hanging out and talking and laughing the entire time.. talking about "boys" and "men" oh it got interesting... But ladies never talk of such things...What a great atmosphere!!!

    Even though I came to the studio as a blank slate, I walked out filled with the fact I accomplished something I meant to do years ago not for anyone else but ME. Yet there is someone who has put the fire under me, who I owe so much to and that is Chuck. Great guy who could ask for anything more....Really?

    Janelle made me feel great with the "extra baggage" we all have and to have fun, be silly and serious all in one. Never did I feel more at ease and at home then I did here when having my picture taken... I can never thank you enough for your kindness.. This definitely boosted my self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth....Now to see the grande finale!!! Oh and next time yes I think the SCHOOL Girl outfit... Yeah that's next...Chele V."

    Ahh, isn't she so sweet? I love to hear client feedback--it's informative and delicious! Check out some of Michele's pictures--they're not quite the "grand finale" yet, because she still has an awesome album in the making....

    Isn't this just so cute?! She pulled the expression off fabulously!

    Photo #1

    I love the natural reaction we captured in the top corner image. We had so much fun! We couldn't stop giggling throughout the session.

    Photo #2


    Photo #3
    Be sure to vote for your favorite photo so that Michele can receive her free 8x10 print. The winning photo needs only 15 votes! Post your vote by clicking on the "Comments" link below.


    My Regular Morning Shake

    Did I ever mention that I have a hard time eating my fruits and vegetables? Well, to help solve that problem and to get some good stuff in me, I now create some questionable, chunky, nutrient packed shakes. I usually gulp them down while holding my breath.

    I have a juicer, but it takes so flippin' long to prepare the fruit and veggies just to go into the grinder. So instead, I just throw everything into a blender (hence, the sometimes too chunky texture).

    On this particular morning--at 6am, according to the photo--this lovely purple hued shake was made from blueberries, tofu, banana, and a little orange juice.

    Sound appetizing? Doesn't matter. Just close your eyes, hold your breath, and down the pipe it goes! Ahh, the things we do to stay healthy....or is it just me??

    Dive in!

    Thursday, October 9, 2008

    Who knew Tube Socks could be so hot!?

    I've been a naughty girl. I haven't been keeping y'all up to date. We're sooo behind! I've got tons of new photos and stuff to show you. So stay tuned!

    First off: We have the gorgeous, Nicole. Nicole came in for a Pin-up and Boudoir Session as a gift for her hubby's birthday.

    Nicole's man plays the drums, so she brought in his set to do a little "lounging around". Shhhh, Don't tell!--he's going to be disturbed once he figures out that she packed his drums into her car and drove them off without letting him know. Oh, but she shouldn't worry too much--Once he sees his baby on these babies, I think he will be quite pleased...

    Photo #1

    Here's a little classic pin-up posing for ya. This layout was taken straight from Nicole's album we designed for her.
    Photo #2

    She's bringin' sexy back! I love the tattoo accent on her back...oh, and the cupcake undies are super cute too!
    Photo #3

    I have got to say that Nicole has the most fabulous taste in jewelry and handbags. Check out the cute heart chain she's holding in this photo--I love it. It's so right-up-my-alley!

    Because her hubby says she looks sexiest in her "relaxed-look" with just tube socks, Nicole really wanted to do a few photos featuring these striped bad-boys. I'm in love with the idea!
    Photo #4

    A Moulin Rouge styled birthday gift...

    Photo #5

    I really liked how she incorporated some of her hubby's favorite things (drums, tube socks) to make the shoot more personalized and meaningful. Miss Nicole--You are a gorgeous lady!

    Be sure to vote for your favorite photo so that Nicole can receive her free 8x10 print. The winning photo needs only 15 votes! Post your vote by clicking on the "Comments" link below.

    Wednesday, October 1, 2008

    I (heart) Ashley!

    She's a bubbly riot! Ashley instantly makes you feel like an old friend when she enters the room. And, what I really appreciate, is her confidence in her voluptiousness. I'm so glad she came in for a session, because I am now able to show everyone that all body types are beautiful and can (and will) be sexified!!!

    Special thanks to Nina for the fabulous hair and makeup. (nina.allurebeauty@yahoo.com)

    I love this one! (And the rest of this "Bombshell Pink" set series. Maybe I'll show you the rest at another time). It's a little dose of classic styled Pin-up for ya.
    Photo #1

    Okay, she's gonna hate me for this, but I've gotta say it: Paula Abdul!
    Photo #2
    Too cute! I named this one: "Who? Mwah?" Gotta love the red polka dot pumps. Oh yeah, baby!
    Photo #3

    Be sure to vote for your favorite photo so that Ashley can receive her free 8x10 print. The winning photo needs only 15 votes! Post your vote by clicking on the "Comments" link below.