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    Saturday, November 29, 2008

    When Summer Comes to Sacramento...

    ....Watch out! Cuz she's hot! And she brings her friends, who are a ton of fun (and a great help during the shoot as well).

    Summer claims she's from a small town with "dirt roads where everyone knows your business," which I thought was hilarious. We cracked a few jokes, but really--her town is the type of beautiful vacation spot that most people try to seek out. Well, I'm glad Summer and her posse came out to SAC for a little fun!

    It's crazy to hear of all the numerous cities that my clients travel from. Many of them drive from cities that are a couple hours away! I'm honored that you folks come all the way out to see me!!! It just tickles my pickle! Honestly!!

    Photo #1: The tattoo (and the beauty mark) adds the extra "umph" that makes this photo ALL THAT! My oh my, what a ton of beautiful hair she has!
    Photo#2: Ahh, so serene and pleasant...

    Photo#3: One of my favorites from the bunch! Summer's boyfriend will be very proud!
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    Wednesday, November 26, 2008

    Beautiful Ballerina: Oh So Bendy!

    Yes, folks. I'm excited to announce that we've had our first dancer come in for a session. Hip-hip hooray for Katy!!

    It was inspiring to photograph Katy because there were so many fun, twisty and bendy poses that she could do--things I've never thought of before! There were times during the session that I just watched in awe as Katy glided into positions she personally suggested. And what great suggestions they were!

    Photo #1: "And 1 and 2 and kiss, kiss, kiss"

    Photo #2: Warm and glowy and just sizzzzzzlin'.

    Photo #3: "Oops! Who spilled the cherries?"

    Here we showcase Katy's lovely long limbs at work again.
    AND! Check it out: We even put a photo of her fiance in the frame on the table. Now did we personalize, or did we personalize?!...YOU KNOW IT!!
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    Saturday, November 22, 2008

    Pink is Sweet, but Jessica is Oh-so-Spicy

    You're not gonna believe this: She's got 3 kids! If you kinda believed that, then you're for sure not gonna believe this one: Her oldest is 17!!!
    I know! I just about fell over when I heard that one too!

    Jessica brought her toddler son with her to the session. What was really funny was that he was all in the mix the whole time: Some shots had him sitting just on the edge of the set. There were even times that I had him just below the camera and I had to quickly snap the picture before he jumped into the frame! Boy oh boy, what an adventure that was!

    Here's some of the crazy action that took place on set (hilarious!):

    Photo #1: Deeeelicious!

    We used this Marilyn Monroe image for inspiration for the following:

    Photo #2

    Photo #3: Showin' a little sweet Glam Love for ya!

    Why Jessica is the bomb-diggity: After her session, she donated some of her fabulous accessories to us so that we can use them for future shoots. Isn't she the sweetest!?

    MAC makeup and Tavia Jenkins (hair) can be thanked for styling Jessica. (Tavia: 916-451-4600)

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    Wednesday, November 19, 2008

    Our New Edition....maybe.

    She's calm, she's mellow, she's timid, she doesn't jump on furniture, she barely barks, she blinks slowly, she's petite, she's the complete opposite of Panda, she's.....Cinnamon!

    ...And she doesn't get along with Panda...well not yet anyway.

    I just had to show you guys our new dog. She's actually here for a trial run, because we have to be sure she meshes well with the wild tornado of a dog we already have. Hopefully, she does.

    The photo below shows the difference in size between the two. And yep, Panda can never resist a little booty!

    I think we're gonna have grand adventures together. Just grand!

    I shall call them my little "yin and yang".

    Monday, November 17, 2008

    Check out our Family Portrait promotion!

    Seriously--there are only a few session openings available if you would like to have your products done before the BIG holiday. Smooches!!!

    Saturday, November 15, 2008

    All Hot and Red-headed!

    Danielle brought some fabulous corsets and lingerie to the session, which is always fun. AND she also brought her mom, which contrary to belief, is always fun as well! Moms who come in for their daughter's shoots are always very open-minded and helpful in both posing suggestions and assisting. It's entertaining for me to witness the interaction between mom and daughter during these types of sessions. Especially since I could never imagine my own mom participating in a sexy boudoir shoot of my own!

    Photo #1: Absolutely gorgeous! I love the choice of color in the ruffle panties. It contrasts with her hair beautifully.

    This photo demonstrates why I love to shoot red-heads. I have super-duper mucho fun "popping" the hair color, and bringing out the red-orange lushiness. By the way, don't you just love that big yummy side curl?

    Photo #2: A sexy pose a la Dita von Teese.

    Our version...

    Photo #3: Accentuating glossy pumps is always hot!

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    Monday, November 10, 2008

    We Film Noir-ed It!

    ...We sho' did!

    The lovely "G" (who wishes to remain anonymous) came to us knowing that she wanted to do a Film Noir styled shoot. We accomplished the look by shooting everything on our Dark Vixen set. It was exciting to try and recreate images from that era.

    Photo #1: (ACTION!) "....She reached for the phone, but before she could dial, something or someone caught her eye in the corner of the room. Was it him?....." (AND CUT!)
    Does this look like it's straight out of a movie, or what?

    Photo #2: The Soft Romantic

    Photo #3: By the time we got to this set, "G" and I were both starving and had low-blood sugar. We were getting weak and shaky by the minute. Heck! It was lunch time!! But we had a goal: To re-create the Opium ad shown below.

    Boy oh boy, was it a challenge to get the body contoured into that position. The funny thing is that you don't think a pose is very hard to do until you actually try and perform it yourself. It turns out that those girls in the magazines are doing some unnatural and straining body positions, but are pulling it off with what looks like ease. But all in all, I like the version we achieved.

    By the way, I'll let you in on a little secret: "G" is not really naked. We just made it appear that way...Secret's in the sauce! ;)

    Special "thanks" to Nina for hair and makeup! (nina.themakeupartist@yahoo.com)

    Be sure to vote for your favorite photo so that "G" can receive her free 8x10 print. The winning photo needs only 15 votes! Post your vote by clicking on the "Comments" link below.

    Wednesday, November 5, 2008

    To Prada or not to Prada

    Is it wrong for a woman to wear men's cologne?? Cuz I love the Prada cologne! I just discovered it in a magazine, and I hung the yummy smelling ad on my wall. I personally don't think it smells very manly, so....I think I can pull it off.

    Here's what the ad described:
    "A rich, complex amber intermingles with the clean, fresh scent of barber's soap and continues to evolve between olfactory contrasts to become a classic of tomorrow."

    I think it's the barber's soap that attracts me. I love the fresh, light scent.

    So......should I or shouldn't I?

    Monday, November 3, 2008

    All them boys are much too much!!!

    I've been telling friends about this fatherhood public service announcement for awhile now, but none of them know what the heck I'm talking about. It is hill-air-eeeeeoussss! Plus, it really sends one of the best messages to young men out there. Are you feelin' warm and toasty inside yet?

    You gotta love the huge, "we-mean-business" dad contrasted with the chubby little girl, and...don't forget about the booty swing at the end!

    All them boys are much too much, them boys are much too much! I loove it!