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    Saturday, February 28, 2009

    She's Hired!

    So have you missed me? There's so much I need to fill you guys in on!

    I've been so busy that I haven't had time to even touch the blog. But all should be okay now because I've hired the best assistant in the world! She will be taking care of all the photo editing from now on, and the really cool thing is: She's only 4 and a half!

    Here's a video of how efficiently she works:

    Ain't she the best? And she only demands $5 a week and a steady supply of Goldfish Crackers.

    Disclaimer: No children were harmed in this video, and Nellie Photography does not promote child labor by any means.

    Wednesday, February 18, 2009

    What Does Mountain Dew Have To Do With Boudoir Photography?

    Well, when it's your man's favorite drink in the whole wide world and you know how to pose with it, of course!

    I thought it was a creative and cute idea, and you guys know I was crackin' up when Christine pulled it out of her bag!

    Ahh, Christine. Sensual, and not afraid to show her curves. (Do I have to mention that I'm an advocate?)

    Photo #1: "The Mountain Dew". Did anyone notice that Mountain Dew is actually spelled "Mtn Dew" on the can? I sure didn't.

    Photo#2: "Oh the Tangled Pearls We Weave." Hizzzot! I don't have to say much more...

    Photo #3: "I give you a set of bedroom eyes and sweet candy kisses". Christine came in to do a boudoir session for Valentine's Day as a gift to her man. Little did she know, her gift unlocked the age-old secret that all women-kind have been searching for since the beginning of time: How to make your man follow you (and your commands) like a puppy-dog for a week straight. Whoof!

    Photo #4: "A Little Tussle in the Sheets Won't Do Any Harm." Love that hair girl! It is looking Fab-you-lus!

    Be sure to vote for your favorite photo so that Christine can receive her free 8x10 print. The winning photo needs only 15 votes! Post your vote by clicking on the "Comments" link below.

    Friday, February 13, 2009

    Cake + Baby + Tux = One heck of a Babycakes Session

    You may have seen this little guy before. He made his hilarious debut during his mom, Jessica's Pin-up & Boudoir Session which you can see here.

    What is a Babycakes Session? Well, you bring your baby. We make the silly, colorful cake (which is usually lop-sided). We put the 2 together, and WA-LA! We have a wonderfully messy portrait session--Perfect for documenting baby's first birthday! You can see another example of our Babycakes Session here.

    Usually, we put the baby in it's diaper for this session, but Jessica had the great idea to put him in a tux. And what a great idea it was!

    Photo #1: "The 9 Ways to Say It Collage". This collage features a fun series of action images from the shoot. It's our most popular product for this particular session and we recommend it as a Wall Size Print (at least 24x24 size, but looks best in 30x30 size). We carry a sample of the 30x30 "9 Ways to Say It Collage" in the studio. So if you come in for a session, you can check it out for yourself.

    Did you notice the side-part in his hair? Another one of Jessica's hilarious ideas!!!

    Photo #2: "Dapper Dan". Move out of the way ladies! He's mine once he turns 18!!
    This photo comes from another one of Jessica's great ideas (What a fabulous collaboration we make!). She wanted the photos to be sort of black and white, but with just a little colorization. In the above photo, you can really see the brand-new, vintage "Norman Rockwell Effect" I am beginning to play around with.
    Norman Rockwell is a famous painter/illustrator. If you've been to Hometown Buffet (whoop, whoop!), you've seen Norman Rockwell's painting hanging on their walls. He is known for painting "Middle America".

    Here's a side-by-side comparison of Norman Rockwell's paintings with my photo and the "Norman Rockwell Effect" added (...I think it's pretty gosh-darn exciting):

    Photo #3: "Just Breathe Through the Mouth".This is what happens when you dive nose first into a cake--You get nostrils full of frosting! The poor thing can't breath out of his nose and he is just beginning to realize that this has become a serious matter. I can't stop myself from cracking up!!!!

    Photo #4: "All that Remains". After he was done, his mom came over and literally cut off his tux (yes, with scissors). Talk about easy clean up. Now that's a smart lady!

    Be sure to vote for your favorite photo so that this little guy can receive his free 8x10 print. The winning photo needs only 15 votes! Post your vote by clicking on the "Comments" link below.

    By the way, the blue set featured here is also available for those of you who are interested in doing a more realistic, plain colored background Pin-up styled set--cuz you know how the original pin-ups were always drawn on a solid colored background...

    Monday, February 9, 2009

    Please Vote for Nellie Photography Now!

    Here's what was in my inbox this morning:

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    Tuesday, February 3, 2009

    Random Phrase of the Day

    I'm fixin' to up and R-U-N-N-O-F-T!!
    For those who don't get it: I said, "run oft."
    For those who still don't get it: I said, "run off"...but in the past-tense. So it's: "run off-ed."
    For those who still don't get it: Forget it.

    So, instead of watching the Superbowl, I edited photos and watched "O Brother Where Art Thou?". I never payed much attention to the movie before, but boy was I missin' out. It is flippin' hilarious!

    Oh yeah, and by the way, it seems that the Denny's thing I mentioned in the previous entry wasn't such a secret after all. I heard they announced during the Superbowl.

    Monday, February 2, 2009

    Free Grand Slam at Denny's Tomorrow!!!

    It's legit, I promise. I'm on Denny's mailing list (don't ask), and every month they send me a coupon. Well, here's what arrived in my inbox today: Free Grand Slam!

    It just kinda sucks that it's only available during a weird time of day. Well, I think you can make it if you run to the nearest Denny's on your lunch break.

    Ain't I sweet? I let you in on a little secret. Well, I think it's a little secret....is it?
    Yippee!! Pancakes!

    Sunday, February 1, 2009

    New Pin-up Girl Photography and New Set!

    I'm so excited to reveal our latest Pin-up Girl: Alicia! She came in for a session and blew me away. She seems to have a natural pin-up vibe reeking out of her skin. It also helped that she had her hair and makeup done by Image Provocateur's Glamour Salon.

    During the session, we tried out one of our new sets: "Viva la Zebra". Check it out:

    Photo #1: Yep, we put the squeeze on Alicia's rib-cage for this glossy red corset--beauty is painful! But with a few shallow breathes, a glam smile, and the "Viva la Zebra" set, Alicia pulled through and the pay-off was absolutely lovely!

    Photo #2: Love this one. It's cupie doll-tastic!

    Photo #3: Isn't she gorgeous? And check out our new martini prop! I love it, I think it's so cute..and realistic of course!! Another new thing in this image is the subtle paint effect--very similar to the original Pin-ups of the old days. (It might be hard to see it on this particular web-file.)

    Photo #4: Sweets and treats, and that naughty boy on the phone again!

    Be sure to vote for your favorite photo so that Alicia can receive her free 8x10 print. The winning photo needs only 15 votes! Post your vote by clicking on the "Comments" link below.