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    Friday, April 24, 2009

    Andy & Cara's Tahoe Wedding

    Just in case you guys forgot: Yes, we still do weddings! :)

    Through the storm clouds on a cold Lake Tahoe day, we weathered through Andy & Cara's wedding.

    Some of you may recognize Cara as my lovely assistant. :)

    The plan was to have the ceremony on the beach, but then it started raining and we had to move the ceremony indoors--SUCKS! But of course, as soon as the ceremony was over, the rain stopped. We quickly took advantage of the weather break, and booked out to the beach for some photos.

    Photo #1: "The Gentle Kiss." Because of the off-and-on rainstorms throughout the day, the cloud scenery was exquisite.
    Photo #2: "The Dress Shot." This dramatic shot is absolutely one of my favorites!

    Photo #3: "A Little Sunbeam of Happiness."
    Photo #4: "Jump If You Love Goldfish Crackers." This one gives me happy warm fuzzy feelings every time I look at it.
    Photo #5: "Funny Faces and Footsies."
    Photo #6: "A Meeting of the Minds."
    By the way, it was frickin' freezing and windy that day. By looking at the bridesmaid's body language, you can tell that they weren't too happy with their sleeveless dresses.
    Photo #7: "The Water Sparkled Like a Million Diamonds."

    Photo #8: "The Beach Stroll."

    Photo #9: "Through the Veil."

    Photo #10: "Giggles, Secrets, and Kisses."

    Photo #11: "Always Daddy's Little Girl." Her father's expression speaks a thousand words...

    Photo #12: "Chow Time." The reception was held in one of the Montbleu's nightclubs, which was great because nightclubs scream with cool atmosphere and interior design. This was the VIP lounge, where the Bridal Party got to kick off their shoes and eat dinner (while sitting on the floor!). With her handy-dandy-cleavage bib, Cara made sure not to spill anything on her beautiful dress.
    Photo #13: "Pop, Pop, Pop, Get it, Get it!" The Groom giving his Bride a lap dance is always an instant photo classic. The facial expressions are priceless!
    Photo #14: "The Passion Fruit Martini." Yep, that's my head peering out from behind the enticing martini. The topic of this conversation was: "Taste this! It's the most delicious martini ever!"

    Photo #15: "Uh Oh, is right!" The Maid of Honor gave a special lap dance to her best friend, the Bride.
    Photo #16: "Lance the DJ Rocks!" He made sure to strike a pose for each of his photos. If you're looking for DJ services:

    Be sure to vote for your favorite photo so that Cara & Andy can receive their free 8x10 print. The winning photo needs only 15 votes! Post your vote by clicking on the "Comments" link below.


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    Anonymous said...

    These are so great. Congrats Cara on a beautiful wedding.

    The pin-up cowgirl.

    ChelseeDarling. said...

    Seven AND Eleven.

    soooo beautiful.

    Ashley said...

    Wow! #9 is spectacular!

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