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    Monday, June 15, 2009

    Trash the Dress at the Preston Castle...and Ghosts!

    All I can say is: Wowwee. I had quite an adventure at this shoot and I want to thank Jessie of Jessie Cho Photography for allowing me to be a part of this whole production.

    The Breakdown: There were 7 or 8 photographers, a handful of models, hair and makeup artists (Image Provocateur, http://www.imageprov.com/ ), and about 15 or more gorgeous locally designed dresses. We all met at the Preston Castle to shoot the always enticing phenomenon that is beautiful women in dresses standing in grungy, crumbling locations.

    If Marlboro sold cigars to brides, their ad campaigns would look something like this:
    Dress Designer: Dreamnette http://www.dreamnette.net/

    Designer: Dreamnette http://www.dreamnette.net/
    Designer: Dreamnette http://www.dreamnette.net/

    This dress is so hot-n-fiery orange, that it makes me wanna squint every time I look at it. Quick pass me the sunglasses! The matching bouquet is also a stunning work of art. I feel the whole ensemble is an excellent combination between passionate beauty and grieving Goth.

    Designer: Dreamnette http://www.dreamnette.net/

    Dancer's elegance meets booty-shorts and punk.

    Designer: AGAPE by Jeremiahagape_luv77@yahoo.com

    Gianna Couture http://www.giannacouture.com/
    I'm sure by now you're wondering what this Preston Castle is all about. Well, here's a little history for ya: The castle is in Ione, and "the land was purchased to house the Preston School of Industry, established by the State Legislature as a progressive action toward rehabilitating, rather than simply imprisoning, juvenile offenders." It closed down in 1960. It is now a California State Historical Landmark.

    So now we get to the freaky stuff. Since it housed naughty kids back in the day, the castle is obviously haunted with the spirits of kids that were mistreated by the staff. All of this scary freaky supernatural stuff is caught on tape by the "Ghost Adventures Series" which I so kindly posted below:

    PS: I'm so not into scary movies. And I'm such a wimp that I haven't even watched the full clips I posted below. It scares the crap out of me!!!!! Especially since I was actually standing in the very rooms they're filming this supernatural stuff! I'm gettin' the "willies" as I type this!

    @ Y! TV

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