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    Saturday, October 31, 2009

    Shontelle and the Fedora

    As promised, here's the rest of the mysterious beauty I featured earlier in a sneek peek.

    Shontelle came in to do a Pin-up & Boudoir Session to:
    1. celebrate her 21st birthday and
    2. give a gift to her boyfriend.

    In fact, her birthday celebration began the night before her photo session. Even though she was still guzzlin' down the alcohol just a few hours before, Shontelle was able to show up to her session GORGEOUS, upright, and READY to ROLL, even with a slight hangover. Dedication, baby!

    Photo #1: "La Bella Mafia." One of my favs from the session. Top-notch beauty.

    Photo #2: "Relaxed and Fun." The aqua shoes and panties are the perfect "pop" of color for this photo.

    Photo #3: "Risk-kay Bay-bay." That's one HOT-pink corset!

    Photo #4: "Serene." Love the soft, vulnerableness (is this a word?).

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    Wednesday, October 28, 2009

    A Thought on Breast Cancer Awareness

    I don't usually watch So You Think You Can Dance, but on this particular night, I was just browsing around looking for something interesting. I arrived on this performance at the most perfect time.

    This is a dance routine created by choreographer, Tyce Diorio, as a tribute to breast cancer fighters--and I have to warn you, it's incredibly emotional and touching. I've never been so deeply affected by a dance routine before.

    Please watch all 7 minutes of this video...and a grab a tissue.

    As the judges in the video mentioned, I too find it brave and honorable that the choreographer was able to express such a painful subject so beautifully. Especially since I still find it hard to tell others about my dad without tearing up. It's been 2 years and I still haven't been able to tell you guys about my most life-changing event. Someday soon I will.

    During this Breast Cancer Awareness month, I've seemed to be bombarded by those that have been affected and involved in the cause--One of my clients notified me she was participating in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk and asked for my sponsorship. And just this past weekend, I did a shoot with a new client who revealed that she participated in the Walk in honor of her mother who lost her battle with cancer. She also works in a breast cancer screening facility.

    What has all of this "awareness" revealed to me? That everyone in some way has been touched by cancer. It's everywhere. You know someone who has had cancer more so than you know someone who will have had swine flu. And sadly, in my family, it's how many of us meet our demise. Secretly, I feel that one day I too will enter the battle against cancer.

    So for these reasons, I have become involved. I have never participated in the Breast Cancer Walk, but as of this year, I have become a donater. Not just to breast cancer, but to all cancer because liver, lung, and breast cancer have personally effected my family.

    If you would like to make a donation to the American Cancer Society, click the link below. It's very easy. Even $5 helps.


    Thursday, October 15, 2009

    What's Got Me All Hot and Sweaty?

    I'm super excited about the new radio station here in Sacramento: 106.5!! It's all 90's baybay!!! I've been listening to it all morning and I've been getting a work out cuz I can't sit still. I'm giving myself a headache from all the singing along.

    And what the heck is this black taco business? Redonkulous!

    Tuesday, October 13, 2009

    Sneek Peek: Mysterious Beauty

    Here's a little sneek peek of one of my favs from Shontelle's Pin-up & Boudoir Session. More to come...

    Friday, October 9, 2009

    Something Different: A Man! (on this blog...it's been a while.)

    Yep, sometimes we go so far as to do photo shoots with men. ;)

    Earlier this year, we did a headshot shoot for Terry who was looking to use photos for his upcoming gospel album. The shoot was full of jokes, crack-ups, and silly faces. At times it was hard for Terry to keep a straight face. He's one of those people that you can just look at and you'll both start laughing. He's light-spirited and good-humored--a joy to work with. In the end, we came up with some great stuff.

    Here's to wishing you the best on the success of your album!

    Album info:
    [Product of Prayer]
    T. Powe

    Photo #1: "The Dapper Fellow."

    Photo #2: "The Sweater Vest." An inside joke. After meeting Terry a second time, I began to realize that his array of sweater vests have become a running inside joke. I guess his sweater vests have great importance in his life! :)

    Be sure to vote for your favorite photo so that Terry can receive his free 8x10 print. The winning photo needs only 15 votes! Post your vote by clicking on the "Comments" link below.