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    Saturday, March 28, 2009

    A Beautiful Pin-up Girl with a Fabulous Curl

    Kristine's husband is in the military so she did her Pin-up & Boudoir shoot as a gift to send out to him while he's overseas. Boy, is he in for a big surprise. :)

    Kristine's photos make you wanna double-take because you're like: "Oh, she's pretty (and then) What is her nationality?" Kristine's got one of those great faces where you really can't tell what the heck she is--Hispanic? Black? White? Asian? a mixture of everything? And to really mix things up: she has a slight southern accent! (love it!)

    We really wanted to focus on her tattoos, especially the one that featured her husband's name. Her tattoos are pretty awesome, by the way. I think her tats definitely add that extra bit of scrumptious to her photos.

    Photo #1: "Classic Retro Glamour Spin-off." Is this stunning or what?! It reminds me of Old Hollywood.

    Photo #2: "Is it Getting Warm in Here?" I love that curl! Check out Kristine's new wedding ring updation--it's big, bad, and yummy! Most of us have to wait at least 10 years for the updation ring! Lucky duck!

    Photo #3: "Sundress Cutie." Kristine requested this tame pose and outfit so that she could send at least one photo home to her family. ;)
    Photo #4: "Nice Back." This one reeks of serenity and beauty.
    Photo #5: "How 'Bout in Black and White?" I can't decide!!

    Photo #6: "Tootsies and Cherries." The first shoe-less pose on this Victorian Secret Pink Stripe set in Nellie Photography history.

    Photo #7: "This apron will not be used for cooking today!"

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    Tuesday, March 24, 2009

    My Babies: MUAH!

    I have to post the latest photo of my babies: "Panda Snow Bear" and "Ginger" (I think you can tell who is who by the looks of them).

    The last time I mentioned my doggies was when we first got Ginger. We didn't know if we wanted to keep her because Panda is so bossy and aggressive towards her. But, we worked it out. And the last time, I may have said that Ginger was named "Cinnamon". Well, we changed her name cuz Cinnamon was too long to say. We lazy around here...

    This one gets lots of lovin' and kisses from the Nellie Photography Logo Lips.

    Don't worry Panda, you're still my main man.

    Good boy Panda, show Ginger some love.

    Well enough of this weird mushy stuff.

    Tuesday, March 17, 2009

    We're Competing for Best Photographer on KCRA 3 A-List!!!

    It's that time again: The 2009 KCRA 3 A-List.

    ..and this time I'm hoping we can make an impact, or at least give the competition a run for their money!

    So, if you could be so kind as to vote for Nellie Photography, I will come and dance a jig of happiness on your back!

    If you had fun, if you liked me, if you loved your photos, if you looked hot in your photos, if you think Nellie Photography is the bomb, and if you think we're eligible to make the A-List-- vote! vote! vote!

    Voting ends April 17th!

    Here's the link that will take you right to the Nellie Photography voting page (be prepared to enter your email address and a password):
    Thank you so much for your support!

    The Cousin Session (Part 2) **Revised**

    So here's the second part of our Cousin Session: Jennifer.

    Jennifer is so funny because even though she came in to do a Boudoir Session, she is so not into the girly stuff--She's a tomboy at heart. But a very cute tomboy, I must say. She has a fetish with Jordan basketball shoes. She brought a ton of Jordans with her to the session. Hilarious!

    Photo #1: "Bottoms up in Color". I couldn't decide which image to post, so I posted both versions (as you'll see below). It looks so simple, but you'll never guess how hard it was to achieve this pose! Why? Because one's bottom is not easily seen above one's head. It was quite a puzzle trying to figure out how to get those buns way up in the air--and still look cute!

    Photo #2: "Bottoms up in Black & White". See what I mean? Which one is better?

    Photo #3: "Tube Socks and Jersey." I've said it before--tube socks are sexy! Jennifer added a football jersey, and now tube socks are double sexy!

    Photo #4: "A Boyfriend's Dream Come True." Uh-oh mom, close your eyes! Jennifer really wanted Kim to do this shot with her--and it came out so well! The idea for this came from a Jordans ad.

    Jennifer brought in this Tila Tequila photo that she wanted to emulate. I think we pretty much hit the nail on the head...

    Photo #5: "Smooth as a Samurai". I happened to have the sword, and Jennifer followed up with the rest!

    **Added 3/18/09: I just had to add a couple additional photos from Jennifer's shoot because I love them!**

    Photo #6: "Smooches!" How cute it this!?

    Photo #7: "The Ring Check". This photo was actually taken as a test shot. Jennifer was still getting herself prepared and I was checking the lighting. But it came out beautifully! I love it when test shots turn out to be some of the best images from the session. :)

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    Tuesday, March 10, 2009

    The Cousin Session (Part 1)

    2 sessions. 2 gals. 1 stylist. 3.5 hours and 219 frames later we had a successful shoot and Kim and her cousin, Jennifer, were late for a bridal shower.

    Kim came in to do a Pin-up & Boudoir session for her soon-to-be-hubby. What's really exciting: Kim's wedding just happened to be this past Saturday! I hope she had the time of her life!

    Kim's cousin, Jennifer, came in to do a session for...well just cuz she wanted to! You will see Jennifer's photos in "Part 2" of this blog entry.

    We had so much fun doing the shoot together, it was like a par-tay! A VIP on this party's guest list was Nina: She gave the referral, she did the hair & makeup, and she helped assist during the shoot. For hair and makeup, you can reach Nina at: nina.themakeupartist@yahoo.com

    Now for one of the most hilarious parts of the shoot: How Kim and Jennifer entered the studio. I swear, they brought a whole closet! I just had to get pictures:

    They even came with a bamboo tree! The first in Nellie Photography history! This is a story I will never forget.

    ...And here's the car they brought everything in! Can you believe 2 ladies, a ton of shoe boxes and clothes, and a bamboo tree fit into this teeny thang!? You know I was rollin' on the floor when I saw this madness!

    And now...the photos!

    Photo #1: "Pin that veil on her tail." What a great idea! I love the grunginess and fashion feel of this bridal portrait.

    Photo #2: "As a matter of fact, I am." This is actually a page straight out of Kim's album! She requested an image with a Chinese food takeout box cuz it's sort of an inside joke between her fiance and herself. I think it's super cute!

    Photo #3: "Enough to Make Mr. Vang Blush." This image looks like it's begging for a pair of angel wings.

    Photo #4: "A Second Look, Cuz I know You Couldn't Get Enough of the First."
    Another page from Kim's album--can you tell I'm diggin' the album design? Kim even prepared the beautiful bouquet she's holding--real flowers! Gorgeous!

    Photo #5: "Cute. Sexy. Sweet." That pretty much sums up this one.

    Are Kim's bridal boudoir portraits hot or what?!
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    Monday, March 2, 2009

    A Frickin' Fun Shoot

    Yep, we had a frickin' good time during Melissa's shoot, as you can see in her photos.

    Once her hair and makeup was complete and she stepped onto the set, she fell right into character--a super fabulous, fun lovin', fireball of energy character. She has so many expressions and poses locked up inside of that curly head of hers that I hardly had to give her any directions.

    Photo #1: "The Giggle". Absolutely one of my favorites! Do I really need to explain why?

    Photo #2: "My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard". Is it just me, or does Melissa look like a pretty porcelain doll?

    By the way, these images feature a new artistic effect (can you see it?). It's the Pin-up Effect! It gives it a little cartoonish/painting effect. I love it!
    Photo #3: "Yeeeaaah Baby!" This is another one of my favorites. Her expression is the first of its kind in Nellie Photography's Pin-up history. And it ROCKS. HARD.

    Photo #4: "The Lollipop Spankin". You know I was crackin' up when she pulled this one out of her bag of tricks. Hilarious! And her face pulled it off beautifully!

    Photo #5: "Hello Darling?". She almost looks like a character out of a movie, huh?
    Well, wasn't that refreshing? Stay tuned cuz there's so much more to come. Images are busting out of their seems backstage, just waiting for their debut on the blog!
    Be sure to vote for your favorite photo so that Melissa can receive her free 8x10 print. The winning photo needs only 15 votes! Post your vote by clicking on the "Comments" link below.