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    Wednesday, August 19, 2009

    As Seen in Restrooms

    We've all seen it. And now we all understand it.

    (Just wanted to give a little tickle to your pickle. Now go and have a fabulous day. Smooches!)

    Tuesday, August 18, 2009

    Athena The Goddess

    In Greek mythology, Athena was known as the the bright-eyed warrior Goddess. Our Athena here, is a bright-eyed soccer warrior Goddess. Chickity-chickity-check it out...

    Photo #1: "Hanes Her Way Baybay." I fell in love with this photo for the serene glance, the wispy hair, the simple lingerie, and the beautiful tattoo.

    Photo #2: "With a Smile Made For Advertising." When I saw this image for the first time, I immediately thought it was ad worthy. So of course I created one!

    Photo #3: "Just a Taste." Athena wanted to incorporate some birthday cupcakes into her shoot cuz these photos are a gift for her hubby. Who could resist this vintage housewife?

    Photo #4: "Gettin' Sassy on the Viva La Zebra Set". This corset gets an A+ for showing off her curves.

    Photo #5: "Aaah, What a Cute and Spunky Bat Girl." Athena was so creative--she brought props that had sentimental value to both herself and her man. The bat and the ball featured in this photo are an example.

    Well, there's a story and you know I'ma tell it! So...the bat was made by Athena especially for her hubby. The bat has both of their names and team numbers imprinted on the side (cute!). And the ball...the ball is super duper importontay. It is the ball from her hubby's very very first home run--the one he made when he was a wee little boy. So as you can see, Athena has smacked this photo full of personalized flavor.

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    Tuesday, August 11, 2009

    Apparently S-E-X Sales

    So I was trying to clear out some of my old magazines (3 boxes full and more coming in every month. Yikes! What have I succumbed to?). But then I began to notice a trend with the Cosmopolitan magazine. At first I was like: Wow, that's interesting. But then it just started to get annoying.

    Every left-hand corner of every issue of Cosmo has the word "SEX" typed in big capital letters. SEX SEX SEX like that's all women really want to read about. Like those 3 letters are what catches our eye and makes us pick up that magazine.

    What annoyed me the most: It seems to work. I've apparently fallen for it. They've herded us in like cattle.

    By the way, I cancelled my subscription to Cosmo about a year ago. Their articles were just a little too redundant...

    Besides, there's only so many ways to kiss, so many positions, so many ways to ask him out, and so many ways to apply smokey eye makeup that after 4 months of issues, the magazine just seems to repeat itself. Same stuff just different pictures.

    Friday, August 7, 2009

    An Allergic Reaction

    Once upon a time there was a little dog named Ginger. One morning she walked into her owner's room. The owner glanced over at her and thought, "My what a funny looking face she has. She must be storing food in her mouth like a hamster." Later that same morning, the owner looked at Ginger again and said in a more concerned tone, "What the heck is wrong with your face?! Why are you so puffy?" Ginger had no idea what the owner was talking about. The End.

    Well not exactly. Ginger's face was indeed puffy. I semi panicked thinking about how much another vet visit was gonna cost. But then I came up with a plan of action? Google of course! I Googled "dog puffy snouts" like a madman.

    After scrolling through the worst case scenarios, I finally settled on the puffy snout being a result of an allergic reaction. And since she was breathing normally, there wasn't much to be worried about.

    My theory: A pesky little bug bite. By the evening, all was good in the neighborhood.

    Wednesday, August 5, 2009

    Definately Not From Boringville

    Those of us from the land of Boringville think that if you had a photo shoot at noon the next day, you would try to get a good night's rest to make sure you looked your brightest. But not Julie. She's a Rockstar. She can party all night, rest a few hours, get up and perform for a photo session, all while looking fabulous.

    The night before her Pin-up & Boudoir Session, Julie shared a screamin' Bachelor/Bachelorette party with her future hubby in Sacramento. Because they're not from Sacramento, Julie couldn't just leave her man snoozing on the couch the next day while she went off to her photo shoot. So she had to wake up, drag her man into the car, and tote him along with her throughout the day.

    During the shoot, Julie's man slept in the car blasting the AC. What a patient guy! Lord knows a hangover in 100 degree weather is nothing to fool around with. What kept him from bursting through the door, begging for water, and pleading for the whole shoot fiasco to be over? Knowing that the pay-off would be as sweet as fried twinkies. The sexiest gift a gal can give to her guy.

    Photo #1: "In His Shirt." A woman wearin' a man's shirt always raises a man's eyebrows.
    Photo #2: "And Lift, And Lift, And One More." A little Pin-up flava on our "Hawaiian Holiday" photo set.

    Photo #3: "Too Hot For the Beach, Baby."

    Photo #4:"Paying Attention to the Details." For some reason, strategically putting on a pair of high heels always looks hizzzot.

    Photo #5: "Being Half-Dressed Makes Me Giggle."

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    Tuesday, August 4, 2009

    Warning: Just Had Baby--Still Hot.

    Yep, just by looking at her, you wouldn't believe that Janeen just had a baby a few weeks before this Pin-up & Boudoir Session. In her pre-session questionnaire, Janeen told me she still had baby weight to loose. But then, when she came in for her session, I was like: Girl, you crazy! Well...she definitely brings us all to shame.

    (I just have to tell you, I'm like bursting at the seams!) Why Janeen is extra fabulous on my list: The baby she recently gave birth to was for a couple of her friends. She was a gestational surrogate for them! All I can say is: Wow. What more selfless, precious gift can one give?

    FYI: Ms. Janeen here is the same Janeen mentioned in the previous blog post. She is one busy bee--Organizing charity backpack drives, co-owning a DJ business (D3 Productions), having babies, and topping it all off with taking the time to get all sexified for a photo shoot for her hubby.

    Photo #1: "Milk and Cookies." Seemed to be an appropriate title cuz of the weird coloring of this image. The coloring resembles what happens to your cup of milk once you're done dunking all of your Oreo Cookies in it--a delicious light shade of grey.

    Now I'm bout to get real deep on ya: "Milk and Cookies" is also an appropriate title cuz Janeen's beauty is just that: Natural as the pairing of milk and cookies and simply delicious. (HA! I'm a literary genius!)

    Photo #2: "Boas=Flirty Fun." Especially when they're used to cover fun stuff.

    Photo #3: "Tousled Part I." She's got "smiling with your eyes" down to a science. (I think some body's been watching Tyra Bank's America's Next Top Model.)

    Photo #4: "Tousled Part II."

    Be sure to vote for your favorite photo so that Janeen can receive her free 8x10 print. The winning photo needs only 15 votes! Post your vote by clicking on the "Comments" link below.

    I Don't Get Into Politics...

    ...but for some reason, this hurts my feelings.