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    Wednesday, January 13, 2010

    Best of 2009

    How-dee-do 2010!

    We've showcased so many fabulous photos on the blog this past year and now the time has come: The Best Photos of 2009 featured on the Nellie Photography Blog. The photos listed here are some of my personal favorites. Here's the top 10:

    1. Just One More Drop. Amy's squinty-drunk eyes are CLASSIC! This photo tickles me every time.

    2. Boop-Boop-Be-Doop. This photo was the debut of our new Viva La Zebra set last year. Miss Alicia was fab-you-luss!

    3. The Bride at the Window. This is easily one of my favorites for obvious reasons: beautiful. Plus, some of you may recognize this bride as my assistant, Cara!

    4. The Babycakes Collage. Little Moises here, rocked this shoot off its hinges! What really puts the "icing on the cake" is his tux and the part in his hair.

    This has become a highly requested shoot for tots celebrating their 1st birthdays. The series of photos created during the session are one of a kind hilarious--plus it's a cherished milestone in the child's life.

    Melissa and Her Lollipop Spanking.
    This has become a popular requested pose--You naughty girls you!

    Vibrant Violet.
    This was taken at a fashion shoot at the erie and mysterious Preston Castle. I especially love the rich colors in this photo.

    I didn't see it before, but if you look closely in the left window, you may be able to see the ghostly face of a child....SIKE YOUR MIND MAKE YOUR BOOTY SHINE!! Just wanted to give you some chills.

    A Bride's Tail is Her Veil.
    Kim came up with this hot bridal pose idea. SCORE!

    Belly Love.
    I'm super excited about this silhouette-type image because it's a new style of lighting that I've been waiting to try.

    She Loves Her Jordans.
    This photo gets props because it was unbelievably hard to achieve this pose. Your Pose Challenge: Try having your buns hover above your head, but still have your face lookin' cute.

    This photo always strikes me cuz of that beautiful golden curl. My, what bedroom-eyes you have there!

    Honorable Mentions:

    The Laugh.
    I love the slight blurred-motion feeling in this photo. Plus it's so Marilyn Monroe-esque.

    The Scream.
    If Nina was lookin' for emotion, she found it. I love the detail and the drama.
    So, there you go. I want to thank all of you for allowing me to post your photos on the blog. You guys help make the blog what it is...and you keep people coming back for more. I look forward to more mucho delicious imagery to post in 2010. Stay tuned! Smooches!

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    Anonymous said...

    Baby cakes is the best! I wish I could get my grand kids to sit still long enough for you to take their picture. You are the best!