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    Friday, May 3, 2013

    A Little About My Wedding

    So...one of the reasons I took a break from Nellie Photography was because I got married.

    Before I got married, a lot of folks asked me: Who will take your wedding pictures?  The answer: It would be a photographer I admired and who I thought took excellent quality images.  I found that in Jasmine Wang Photography.

    Jasmine did beautiful work.

    I wanted a huge bouquet, but I didn't think about how heavy and taxing that thing would be while carrying it around all day.  I gained a little muscle!:

    We had our wedding in San Francisco on the beach (Crissy Field).  There were only a handful of guests who made it to the beach, and they formed a circle around us as we said our nuptials.

    Here's the circle our guests formed around us:

     That's my mom and I walking "down the aisle": 

    Crissy Field is a public beach, so dogs and people were stopping and staring, saying "Congratulations."  One person even started taking photos of us like we were a tourist attraction and began asking, "Is this wedding for real?"  There was even a dog who entered our "circle" and started sniffing around us.  It was all hilarious to me.  I wouldn't have changed a thing.

    By the way, Crissy Field has a fantastic view of the Golden Gate Bridge:

    After our nuptials, we took our pictures at the Palace of Fine Arts.  If this isn't one of the coolest places for pictures, I don't know what is!

    Just chillin' in a planter, gettin' my pose on:


    Makin' sure he likes the back, as well as the front!:


    I carried my dad with me the whole time--In a locket on my bouquet:

    Even though I'm a photographer, and I guide my own clients through their poses, facial expressions, etc., I was SO NERVOUS having my own pictures taken.  I really only like being behind the camera, not in front!

    Well, that's all for now.  I will share some more pictures from my wedding later.